Sharon Stone And Her Toy Boy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Sharon Stone, 50, and her 24-year-old toyboy.

She Said, He is 23. I am 42. He was, and has remained, too polite and/or scared to return the question. He said I was the best birthday present he has ever had. (Better than the train set he got a few years back? Or the Action Man Commando?). He has good manners and loves the way I dress. He notices when my nails are done and says: "Great colour!" He is a gentleman in the body of a young god. His hair is much longer than mine. Old grumps are boring and stained with pasts that they drag with them everywhere. It feels so good to be with someone who just tells the truth and is open about his feelings, with whom I can be a woman, or a girl. Luke never complains, never moans.